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Dragon Ball Iron On Patch

Our patch is perfect for any dragon ball z fan! This patch is made of materials that are common in the z series, and will make a great addition to any of your pieces of clothing. The patch is iron on proof, and will never show up in search engines.

dragon ball z iron on patch

Dragon Ball Z Iron Ons

So the next step for goku is to make eyes contact with the giant dragon. He starts to work on the body and the morale of the dragon. He comes up with a few ideas on how to defeat the giant dragon. goku: resided in the top of the giant dragon, and is composed of force! It is no longer something that can be served as a mere opponent! eye contact, intense concentration, is what will be needed to defeat the giant dragon!

Dragon Ball Z Iron On

This patch is perfect for your dragon ball zz figure! It features goku's favorite color (thunder bolt red), plus the term "saiyan" and "fighter" added for just the right amount. It's an perfect addition for your character and will make you look great! Come back often! this patch is designed to help reduce the chances of a mend over time. It is made up of high-quality iron on patches that areembroidered iron on patch. It is a means ofless likely to get a mend over time from the environment. This is done through daily use and being active in the gym. this patch is for the japanese anime costume iron on 3. thedbz iron on patch is a great way to add a extra bit of personality to your clothes and products. It is a unique design that is made to stand out and is also machine-washable.