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Iron On Foil For Fabric

What is iron on heat transfer paper? Iron on heat transfer paper is an unique paper that allows Fabric to "glue" itself to the surface of your fabric, it provides a dark silver finish and makes it look better than ever before.

Iron On Foil For Fabric Amazon

This iron is an unequaled hole puncher, it punches with ease and power. The iron takes care of the holes in the leather easily, it doesn't redeposit heat which can damage the fabric. The iron also doesn't require any amination, so it can be used For multiple layers of fabric, this hole puncher can also be used on canvas, or any other type of leather. This is a terrific hole puncher For fabrics that need to be needle nipped, the hole is manufactured of high-quality iron Foil and it is again effective For a more tight fit For fabrics. This iron on transfer is For use with any Fabric that is age approved For transfer, it is a sensational substitute to add a little bit of vintage flair to your Fabric content. Simply iron the transfer material on top of the fabric, and then pass the Fabric through the iron on the reverse side, the transfer material will start to come out like a film, making a beautiful wavy line across the fabric. It is a fun and unique piece that is exceptional For any outfit.