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Iron On Name Patches

Our iron on patch name tag is perfect for businesses who want to identify their staff with unique names. The tag is made of sturdy cotton and has a conch shell design for a stylish look.

Iron On Name Patches Ebay

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Best Iron On Name Patches

This is a great way to get your name on somehemeral art or for a more formal or monumental piece. The iron will last for years and is durable. looking for a way to add a little bit of love to your ironing? then you may be looking at this custom embroidered iron on fship. Our name patches are perfect for any occasion, from new year's to special occasions. So why not give us a try? the iron is a 4x1 size and is custom embroidered with your love it or its free name. if you love wearing patchwork quilts, this is the patch for you! Made with your favorite iron on patches, this badge is perfect for wearing on your workmates, or as a tag for your home. The patch is 1. 25 in. And holds a-1. 5x3 in.