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Monster Truck Iron On Patch

Looking for a great deal on a new sports vehicle? Look no further than ours! Our racing trucks are perfect for anydriver looking for a unique and exciting driving experience. Plus, our touch iron on patch guarantees a quick and easy installation!

Best Monster Truck Iron On Patch

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Monster Truck Iron On Patch Amazon

This iron on patch is for the monster truck and our very own "iron on" design. This patch is perfect for someone that loves our vehicle, or a friend of ours who ever gets a little onesie confused. this patch is made out of iron and is embossed with the logo of the monster truck company. It is perfect for a unique accessory on your monster truck. It is made with auto racing symbol and blue and white detailing. It is also pre-sqed with applique symbol. this is a 2-12 embroidery iron on custom patch for the monster truck. It is made with valentine hearts and with a heart-shaped design, it is perfect for a special person or event.